Every wedding in Virginia Beach is beautiful and this summer wedding was absolutely gorgeous! So let me start off by sharing one of my favorite moments from the day.
Jordan and Ryan were getting ready together at the same rental house on Shore drive that made their first look very easy to organize. Plain, simple but elegant. We love documenting first look because it's also a great opportunity to capture family portraits before the ceremony which gives our couple more time with their friends during cocktail hour.

Wedding ceremony was adorable and something we loved documenting.

During reception, when everyone enjoyed their dinner I slipped away and edited some photos from the day. Nik was photographing and filming while I was preparing a surprise slideshow for our couple.
It definitely made my heart melt when I saw happy tears on Jordan's cheeks while they were sitting back together with Ryan and enjoying the show. The hug that we got from them was a true compliment for us. We were there to make them happy and we did it!

Jordan is a yoga instructor and her friends surprised everyone by performing some awesome tricks
(even Jordan did :) )

There was no traditional music playing only a club mix that made a wedding unique and fun!

Jordan and Ryan flew to Jamaica on Monday morning and I am sure they loved their honey moon at a beautiful resort!
Enjoy their video sneak peek and photographs we captured for them

Ryan and Jordan's Love Story:
Fate, friends, and music brought them together 7 years ago. It all began when Jordan's college roommate (Shelly Reppert :) told her she knew this really awesome guy who was going to the same concert she was going to in Virginia and that they should meet.
So they texted back and forth until the weekend of Bass Lights at the Hampton Coliseum. It was a 2 night show, and they were so caught up in everything they missed each other the whole first day, as well as most of the second. But they set a meeting spot before the last show started, immediately cliqued, and danced the night away. They had to part ways after the show and both left wondering if they were ever going to see each other again. They stayed in touch afterwards and one day Jordan offered to buy Ryan a ticket to a Big Gigantic concert in Atlanta if he would fly down.

To her surprise, He actually accepted the invitation! (A $20 concert ticket vs. a plane ticket- this guy IS awesome!) A year went by of constantly talking and traveling back and forth to see each other, when one night she was visiting him in PA and he popped the first big question. They were literally rolling on the floor laughing about something silly, and he asked her (like a young adorable cheesy schoolboy) if she would be his girlfriend. OF COURSE she said yes! It was adorable ♥

It also made the visits more frequent and saying goodbye until next time even harder. The distance taught them how to appreciate our time with one another, but it was also unbearable to be so far away. So, they dated long distance for another year and then she decided to leave her roots down south and move up north to be with him. They continued to travel, experience life together, and love unconditionally. Life is pretty perfect.
Fast forward a couple years to a very special hike. He was acting a little off, told her the ring she was wearing was pretty (the one she wore every single day lol.) Got to the parking spot and she started parking the bag and from the other corner of the lot, he yelled at her "I'll put that in there! don't touch it!" (ok, weirdo) Started walking and he told her to do a headstand on a fallen tree that crossed over the creek so he could take a cool yoga picture, and then immediately changed his mind and rushed her off because he didn't want her to hurt herself (out of character.)
Then he suggested taking the dogs to a big rock in the middle of the creek and take a picture there. So he sets up the camera and walks out to the rock and nervously starts kissing her over and over. And then he pulled out a tiny box and asked her to marry him! She gasped and out of excitement hugged him so ecstatically then he almost dropped the ring in the creek! But he didn't and it was insanely beautiful and beyond perfect. Ya see, her parents had given her a "past, present, and future" ring when she turned 13 years old, telling her to promise to always stay true to herself, follow her heart, and one day the man she would marry would replace that ring and she would pass the one her parents gave her down to her daughter (futuristically speaking, don't get excited yet Stacey & Jane ;) Ryan had no idea about that ring and yet had proposed with a Past, Present, and Future ring that he designed himself. It was amazing.
And now here we are, Getting married right down the road from where we met many moons ago. Bringing our families and friends together in this place makes the big day even more nostalgic, exciting, & special!

"Best wishes on this wonderful journey, as you build your new lives together."
With Love, Nik and Elena

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