I know, you've seen a lot - stiff posing, bad lightning, ugly compositions and unflattering angles. We absolutely understand your pain. How do you know that your photographer will make you look your best? How do you know that your kids will cooperate?

Let me answer.
I've developed my entire career around something called lifestyle photography, that means I run with your kids, I play with them, I capture real moments, real smiles, instead of forced ones. It'll be fun. Spontaneous. Laughter-filled.

After a wedding (my priority number one to capture) couples are enjoying their life together, building career, traveling and then something special happens - they are expecting a baby (or twins :) )
Maternity, Newborn, Smash Cake Sessions are absolutely my favorites to capture! I've created my business around family, because family and friendship means a lot to me.

Indoors or outdoors, in Virginia or any other state. We've done it all!

How it works:

1. SESSION FEE: $145
(For families of 8 and up - $195)
Session fee covers my session time (everything that's engaged to produce the shoot), reveal studio appointment, art editing and retouching.
Sessions we do: Family, Baby/Kids, Matermity, Lifestyle Newborn
Session fee is required by the time of scheduling the session and it is not refundable. If we need to reschedule the session for any reason (weather, clients get sick or something else) We do our best to find another day with no additional fee.

In about 2 weeks after your session we will bring you in our studio located in Virginia Beach to reveal your photos. This is a really fun experience!
I love building trust relationships with my clients!
After viewing your photos you will see the price list individually made for you with packages and a la carte.
You will have different options to purchase according to your budget and preference.

Most families spend between $600-$1200 on their portrait experience with us.

We take time to edit each image, creating an overwhelming piece for you.
Each client leaves our studio happy and brings something outstanding to their homes to hang on a wall or put on a coffee table.
It becomes a generational heirloom and a priceless keepsake for your family.

If you like my style and think I am a good fit for you, fill out the form below and let's start discussing your future session!

Are you expecting Mom? Fill out the form to know how you can benefit from Maternity+Newborn bundle package!

We're looking forward to seeing you then, and to creating some exciting artwork with you and your family!