Brady + Paige

Brady + Paige

Pope Chapel Wedding

Nik and I were excited about this wedding for so many reasons! First of all it's a summer wedding and it took place right after my birthday (July 13). It was so much fun to celebrate Paige and Brady's union and meet so many beautiful people!
The wedding and reception took place at CNU campus and it was amazing! Check it out the wedding film below, I am sure you will agree!
By the way keep watching till their first dance, a talented bridesmaid Leandra and her fiancé (now a loving husband) performed a beautiful song with incredible voices! What a gift for newlyweds!

: "I first met Paige in the summer of 2011 on Christopher Newport University's campus. Paige first caught my eye in June when we had Orientation-- while I didn't have the courage to talk to her then, I thankfully had a second chance when we both moved in in August to the same floor of a residence hall. Paige somehow broke through my shy exterior and convinced me, one day, to come and try out Break Dancing Club. Soon thereafter, we started regularly hanging out... eventually, we were inseparable. Paige is the friend that I'd never had - she has this character and compatibility that I'd never experienced before. While I was physically attracted to her from the very beginning and wanted to date her soon thereafter, I truly wanted her friendship more than anything. It's that friendship that led us through some of life's challenges, a physical and career move, and other transitions, and will continue to do so."

Paige: "Though it took a long time, and much thought, to decide to start dating, Brady had very quickly made an impact on me. He was unlike anyone I'd ever been friends with before, and we understood and trusted each other very easily. We've tried to think back to when we first met and we can't even remember how we became friends so quickly. Though it's been a long and crazy ride for the past 6 years, he has been the best supporter and followed me even to snowy Buffalo in pursuit of my degree, and shown me how life can change with a true friend by my side."

Isn't sweet? We just loved being the one that got to capture their day!!!

Flowers: Harmony Harvest Farms
Venue: Christopher Newport University
DJ: Colonial Djs
Dress: Jeanette's Bride 'N Boutique
Cake: M. Aquino
Makeup: Maggie Garrison

Enjoy their wedding through our eyes!!

With Love, Nik and Elena