Kaitlyn and austin/ virginia wedding photography+wedding film

As soon as you see Kaitlyn and Austin, you'll remember them from their engagement session. They love Lake Anna so much that they decided to meet us there and capture their love story at the same spot where their wedding took place.
Anyway, we knew from the very first time we met them that this wedding was going to be a special one. We also found out that Kaitlyn's birthday is the same as Elena's, which is very cool. We instantly fell in love with this couple and their precious baby girl, Stella.

Wedding day was cloudy that's why we have very soft colors and you can see it's our favourite style this year! Airy and candid pictures - that's what we love!

Huge thank you to those who made this day absolutely gorgeous!

Event Planner:
Laura and her team did a great planning!

This venue is gorgeous for weddings and we were honored to cover their FIRST wedding after opening!

Mark is a professional! We loved the part when he let our bride DJ for a bit! Scroll till the end to see those fun pictures!

And here are our favourites from the day!
Wedding Photography is definitely among the top 3 categories for every couple. Sophisticated couples want to get more than just wedding photos, they opt in for a non-traditional wedding film like Austin and Kaitlyn did.

Emotions come from motion and when photographs are absolutely a must, wedding video is an option that makes a wedding day complete. We've had so much fun filming Kait and Austin for the entire day and the edit turned out absolutely fabulous!