As you know I am a Mom now (yes, this guy above, reading a book is mine ;) ) and I can't stop photographing him every month on the 6th (the day he was born) because he is changing so quickly! And I am sure I will continue documenting his transition till forever :)
So this passion took over me and I decided to create something special for our clients!
I would like to invite you to our studio to create unique portraits of your loved ones! Celebrationg a special occasion? Birthday? First grade? Or may be your baby is going through a milestione?
This is a time!

Moms are welcome too!
Don't you love looking at photos from your childhood with your Mom?!
Excactly! It's essential!
*Session fee $49
*30 minutes session
*In-studio ordering appointment
*Prints and products sold separately
(No minimum purchase required)
Packages start at $95
A la Carte starts at $45
Tuesday, April 13th
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We can't wait to meet your family!
**Openings are limited and booked on a first-come first-served basis.
Select your preferred time below. Fill out the contact form below to receive more info and confirm your Mini Session now!
And the most exciting news is I am going to gift you 11x14 Fine Art Print no matter if you buy any product or not. Let me be honest, everyone loves digitals, but there is nothing to campare with tangible portrait of your child... And kids photography is my passion, so let me do something sweet for you ;)
I like to let the kids play and be themselves, capturing their true joy and youthful essence. Child portrait sessions are a lot of fun!

Wednesday, March 31th
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I have watched grow Miles from his newborn session! But my story with this family began from their wedding. I am so happy I get to see how my families grow!