Filmmaking was invented by people who were eager to tell stories of other people. At Elena Skaya Studios we portray emotional, unique stories of couples and the love they share.
We'd like to be a part of your unique Love Story and share this beautiful journey with you

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Adam and Kayla had their wedding in Richmond. Kayla is a dancer so they worked on their first dance and it was unforgettable. It was one of the most emotional weddings we've been a part of.
In suburbs of Norfolk, VA a beautiful wedding of Lisa and Kirk took place on March 10. We enjoyed every minute of working with this couple.
Eric and Valerie were high school sweethearts. They separated when they stepped into adult life and as years went by they felt that they can't live without each other. Their beautiful wedding took place in Virginia Beach, VA.
Keith and Felicia knew each other for a very long time before they had their wedding ceremony. Their wedding took place is Suffolk, VA and it was elegant and beautiful.
This Bridal Video for Elena Skaya was shot in Virginia Beach after her own wedding. We've got very lucky that the beach was empty and we've captured so many beautiful shots